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Barramundi Sports Fishing

Northern Territory

Choose from Arnhem Land or the Roper River Charters.

February - July

In 2021 we will, as usual, be fishing two fantastic locations. First, the Roper River in SW Gulf of Carpentaria. Here the target species is (big) barramundi and you have a good chance of catching the famed ‘Metery’. There will be a few other fish around and, if you pick a week with the right tides, mud crabs or freshwater prawns should be on the menu.

Secondly, the eleven remote rivers feeding Arnhem and Buckingham Bays in NE Arnhem Land. Here we also target barramundi but have the opportunity to catch a range of other species including golden snapper, jewfish, threadfin salmon and giant trevally. Here we can guarantee that mud crabs will be on the menu.