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On The Menu

Our experienced chef will always surprise and satisfy your cravings. As Lunch is almost always back on the mothership, Iron Lady, a highlight and favourite are freshly steamed Northern Territory, Mud Crabs. Then after a great day fishing at the end of the day while recalling the days fishing highlights tasting a fresh Threadfin Salmon fillet sliced to perfection for Sashimi or a lightly Tempura Battered Codfish bite is the perfect way to see the sunset.


Dinner is that freshly caught Barramundi that the Northern Territory is known for cooking just as you like it plain and simple on the BBQ or the delicate flavour of a Golden Snapper dusted in Tumeric and pan-fried it doesn’t get any better. Don’t forget to leave room for dessert, which depending on the day maybe something like Panna cotta with a topping of roasted Rhubarb and Strawberry or Mango cheesecake over Raspberry coulis. This is to name but a few of the favourite dishes, you won’t be disappointed.